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"First of all, I express my deepest gratitude for the superb service that AC Gabe did to my house. It was a hot summer and me and my whole family came back from vacation to our home that turned out to be experiencing air conditioning failure. I browsed for emergency HVAC services and tried demanding immediate services within the next hour. It took me five calls to find the company who are willing to respond immediately. A team arrived almost 50 minutes after the said call which seems very punctual for me. Their friendly approach reduced the discomfort I was feeling out of the hot temperature in my house. The technician advised to replace one of my air conditioners and patiently made me understand of the situation of my whole system and why “this and that” should be done and other things. They made no mess and ended up satisfying my whole family. Thank you again for relieving us by doing your excellent job. I will recommend you to my others!"

Emma - Frankston 26/02/2015

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