Preventative Maintenance

AC Gabe Air Conditioning & Heating offers superior preventative maintenance to any residential property. Want to make sure that your air conditioning and heating system run at their best? Call now!

It is advisable to have preemptive maintenance at least twice a year: one checkup each for spring and fall. Air Conditioning maintenance takes place sometime during the spring while heating maintenance must occur on fall.

Preventive service is done during normal business hours. A highly qualified technician will be deployed to examine your residential property.


For Air Conditioning:
Checking amperage and voltage to all motors
Checking operating pressures and install gauges
Inspecting sufficient refrigerant charge
Examining air temperature drop across evaporator
Oiling motors
Searching for any visible leakage
Examining pressure switch cutout settings
Adjusting tension and checking belts
Checking all connections along with their respective wirings
Inspecting reversing valves
Examining circuits of electrical lockout
Examining and adjusting thermostat
Cleaning of condenser coil
Seeing if the condensate drain is open
Inspecting air temperature across condenser
Examining and cleaning Disconnect


For Heating System:
Adjusting and examining safety controls
Checking heat exchanger
Turning exposed dampers to heat
Adjusting after checking safety controls
Checking banner for efficiency
Adjusting and cleaning assembly
Inspecting for gas leaks in furnace
Oiling motors
Changing and cleaning filter
Cleaning after checking disconnect
Cleaning the burners
Inspecting for loose wires
Examining crankcase heater
Inspecting flue pipe
Adjusting pressure regulator
Examining drains
Checking reversing valves
Inspecting thermocouple


With AC Gabe, you can be sure that your equipment is in the right hands and your whole system will run with optimal efficiency.

We offer preventive maintenance in all types of residential establishments, no matter how small or big your house is! Call now and get a free residential consultation.

Changing of filters means a separate respective cost.
Customer agreement ensures protection against product and service failure.
Recommendations and possible solutions is discussed by the technician to you after noting all unfavorable conditions within your system.