AC Gabe

With more over 25 years in the industry, AC Gabe Air Conditioning have more than enough experience. The Australian and European region have been witnesses of the credibility and solid reputation of the company.

We are 100 percent insured! Being covered by insurance means you can be at peace thinking that you have the right protection for your assets.

AC Gabe Air Conditioning is a privately owned company run by a skilled management that will do everything in their power to surpass your standards and heed your needs.

To date, AC Gabe continuous to grow and will never get tired in offering excellent services.

Want to experience personal approach in services? The company is SMALL ENOUGH that you can easily reach and communicate with us in a personal and close manner. Something that other companies don’t have!

Moreover, we are also BIG ENOUGH to have immersive and erudite knowledge on all technicalities and know-hows that will surely deliver the right solution to every customer’s needs.

With AC Gabe Air Conditioning, you are assured that you are in the right hands! We only hire licensed technicians and forge them through high level training to make them fully qualified for the job.

Our team continues to grow in knowledge and skills! After being qualified for the job, our technicians are still subject to continual training to make them even better when it comes to both technical and customer service skills!

AC Gabe nurtures itself with up to date knowledge on regulations, laws, and other changes in the industry rules to always keep the company, along with all the people in it, updated.

Unlike others, one way to show our care to our employees is by complying with occupational health and safety rules which, in turn will make them apply this knowledge to their daily productivity.

AC Gabe boasts on utmost standard and excellence. We do this by showcasing only the highest quality of materials and tools as well as technologically advanced products.

Part of the excellent customer services we deliver is providing our clients with professional advice, thus making them educated.

With AC Gabe, we don’t give our customers the exact same services. Instead, we provide different types of care to each client depending on their own unique needs. We know that different customers have different preferences and we try our best to meet each unique necessity.

AC Gabe aims customer satisfaction more than the payment for the services. We profoundly value each client’s time and money as much as they value their own.

AC Gabe has a vision of providing only the most superior kind of work and we try to seek persistent perfection by finding our own faults and doing everything to correct those particular lapses.

With all the customers that we have pleased, we still never stop in providing excellent works and we are proud of our undying achievements and professional services!

In AC Gabe conditioning, we are attainable 24/7 for 365 days a year to ensure optimum availability for all customers in need! Note: Specific conditions may apply for commercial customers with contract.


It is undeniable that our company is efficient in its services. Efficiency is something that you can never have in other competitors. Why take the risk of those tricky prices when you can never be assured that you are able to indulge in the efficiency of services that you deserve.


If there is only one word that can describe the company, it is the fact that we are professional. True in its very essence, professionalism can be seen in every area of expertise, skills, duty, and performance of our company.


We keep a personal touch by being very pleasant and polite in manner with every customer that we meet. Even if there are inevitable times that the team may meet vile customers, we still show their value by showing utmost respect and patience with every query that they have.

Clean and Tidy

If there is an award for the cleanest and tidiest services today, surely AC Gabe will grab one. We practice cleanliness in our duty and leave the place even cleaner and neater compared to its condition when we arrive.


Punctuality has always been the number one attitude of professionalism. Make a single call and we deploy our best technicians “on site, on time.”


With efficiency comes with fast services. Our team is skilled enough to provide fast services without sacrificing quality. You can just sit in your couch sipping a nice juice while our team does its magic.

First class service

Another remarkable trait of the company is its first class services that we implement in all kinds of customers. We treat all our clients equal regardless of the size of the services that they avail. We promise to show every customer unparalleled and supreme services that they have never experienced yet but only with our company.


Being polite must be paired with being courteous. We maintain manners by being considerate at all times. We are behave in speaking with polished attitude without being too formal – exactly what customers like.


Another element that you can never see on others. Other companies have been preoccupied with offering “professional” services that they tend to forget being approachable and friendly. AC Gabe Air Conditioning has friendly teams which you can approach just like an old friend.

High level of customer service

The advice and assistance that our company provides to people who seek for our services never fail to impress and astonish customers of all types. When we make any transaction with our customer, we act by not looking at our own perspective but rather consider the point of view of our client. By doing such, the chances of failing of our customer service drops dramatically because we managed to take consider on what they need instead of ours.