Precision Air Conditioning

AC Gabe offers precision air conditioning systems to any commercial building. Precision air conditioning systems control humidity and temperature along with adjusting them to perform accurately and precisely to the final degree.

In mobile phone network exchanges and primary data centers for example, their top priority is to ensure continuous operation within their computer systems through reliable air-conditioning system that produces a conducive environment cool enough to support complex technological systems.

Another important factor to consider is cost-efficiency which AC Gabe can fully sustain. You can tell us your budget for precision air conditioning and we will find the most suitable and perfect solution for your computer system’s needs.


AC Gabe offers precision air conditioning for sufficient air flow management to any type of commercial system.
Rack cooling:

We provide innovative air conditioning system where air distribution flows in a horizontal manner – exactly fit for rack cooling purposes! To greatly improve air distribution, each unit is prudently integrated in server racks arranged in rows. With this design, the cool air is directly delivered to the heat load.

Data center:

Rooms with a heat load of over 20 kilowatts is not a problem with our technology. AC Gabe provides precision air conditioning system even in large technology rooms and data centers. Compared to conventional compressor cooling installations, ours is more cost-effective being able to provide up to 90 percent more economical scheme.

Minimal investment:

Aside from large database centers, we also cater small companies who desire to make minimal investment. Our precision air conditioning system is small enough but big in impact!

Closed circuit air conditioning:

Looking for a fast installment to start cooling your hot spots? AC Gabe provides precision air flow management installation in a quick time.

White spaces:

There is also a solution for freeing up white space in your data centers. AC Gabe also have air conditioning units designed for centralized cooling.

Small spaces:

If you have small equipment rooms and small servers, AC Gabe also offers precision air conditioning system for small spaces.

Containerized data centers:

Air conditioning units are also available for prefabricated data centers. Such systems are designed to fit outdoor modular container systems.

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