Preventative Maintenance

AC Gabe prides itself by delivering state-of-the-art preventive maintenance services whenever you like, whenever you deemed essentially, and as many times as you want. We advise to have at least one or two preventive maintenance service a year: every fall and spring. The company will deploy a team or a single technician to examine the commercial space and implement equipment approval that should be covered before the service agreement will be accepted.

Moreover, performance of service will be done on normal business days and hours. The agreement covers a series of preventive maintenance done by a qualified and skilled technician who will take charge of your heating and air conditioning system. These are a few examples:

For Air Conditioning System:
Check amperage and voltage to all motors
Check operating pressures
Inspect for adequate refrigerant charge
Check air temperature drop/rise across evaporator
Lubricate motors if necessary
Check for leakage
See pressure switch cutout settings
Check adjust tension and belts if necessary
Examine all connections along with their wiring
Testing reversing valves
Check starting contactor
Check all circuits for electrical lockout
Adjust and check thermostat
Clean the condenser coil, if necessary
See if the condensate drain is free of blockage
Check temperature of air in the condenser
Inspect crankcase heater
Examine and clean condensate trays


For Heating System:
Check and adjust safety controls
Check and adjust thermostat
Inspect heat exchanger
Turn exposed dampers to heat, if necessary
Adjust burner for added efficiency
Clean and adjust the pilot assembly
Examine for gas leaks in the furnace
Lubricate motors if necessary
Check and clean filters
Examine and clean burners if necessary
Check for loose wires
Check the flue pipe
Adjust pressure regulator
Examine drains
Check reversing valves
Inspect thermocouple


With AC Gabe who enables your system to operate at peak level, you can be assured to have minimal operating expenses. The company is also able to prolong the life expectancy of all your equipment by preventing extreme wear. Furthermore, AC Gabe only provides factory-standard, proper care to all equipment so the units arrive at your commercial space in optimum state. Even in emergency cases, AC Gabe still strive to maintain care to the needed equipment without sacrificing speed in our services.

We provide preventive maintenance in all types of commercial establishments, regardless of the size of your building. Call now and get a free consultation!


Filters are NOT covered in the contract. In cases when filters needed to be changed, the client is subject to a separate billing where the cost of the new filters are reflected.
A total of 10 percent discount is deducted to any required minor parts needed for the service.
As a customer agreement purchaser, you have the benefit of being protected against all failures in relation to modifying minor problems before they become huge problems.
The technician will note any unfavorable conditions within the system and will converse with you for possible remedial measures along with all recommendations.