AC Gabe is yet the best choice if you are looking for heating solutions. For over two and a half decades in the industry, our company has established a reputation by building a solid name. Part of our excellent services and products is offering a one-of-a-kind energy recovery technology for your heating needs.

Our heating systems are seamlessly engineered to provide you a technology that is unlike any other. We also pride ourselves by letting our customers enjoy a cost-effective heating system. Thanks to the advanced recycling technology that initiates a heat exchanger or air to air counter-flow that ensures efficiency in your commercial space.

This particular technology converts the warm outdoor air and converts into comfortable supply of cool air that the air conditioner distributes. Your commercial building is able to keep a high quality air inside without raising the costs.


This technology:
Has no seals or moving parts;
Is greatly efficient for either sensible applications or enthalpy
Pre-packaged inside the air treatment unit;
Modular and compact, thus enabling several configurations.


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