Engineering and Drafting

AC Gabe is recognized as the one of the few providers proven to provide the best HVAC services in Australia and European regions. For 25 years, we have joined forces with contractors and architects with their commercial as well as retail, industrial, institutional, utility, and other building projects.

When it comes to drafting, detailing, and designing of HVAC systems, our company is very in demand due to is precision engineering and skills to handle such complicated tasks.

Call us now and book an appointment! Discuss with us your desired specifications and requirements for your commercial building or any MEP assignment, and our engineers will provide you with detailed 2D images of the proposed HVAC designs.

Your building structure will be provided with a precise and accurate duct layout, plumbing, and electrical schematics.

Comfort and temperature control are the major priorities considered by our engineers and will ensure the occupants experience high levels of comfort by controlling temperature and regulating proper air flow.


Our HVAC engineering and design solutions include:
Design layout plan drawings and duct sizing
Drafting and design of HVAC systems to any type of commercial structure
Development of construction plan drawings
Equipment design, sizing, and piping layout plan drawings
Elevation drawings, submittals, and equipment layouts
Detailed control diagrams with legends, schematics, and schedules
Duct design, heat load calculations, and piping layout